The story

A mother of two beautiful daughters with a good job and busy social circumstances navigates her way through life, juggling multiple responsibilities. She only manages to find the exit of the maze when she is literally grounded for the umpteenth time. With a late autism diagnosis, all the missing puzzle pieces fall into place. With “Once Upon A Broken Wing,” based on personal experiences, Marije Pietersma breaks the stigma surrounding mental health issues and autism. She advocates for more general knowledge about autism and the normalization of openness about mental well-being. This health book will be published by Publisher Boekscout on Friday the 30th of June 2023

When is being yourself good enough for the world around you? When and how should you let go of your learned beliefs and conditioning when they no longer fit? Is the person you are fundamentally created by your environment, or do you dare and are you allowed to show your own “self” from an early age?

The story of Anna Jones takes you from her childhood to the woman she is today. Through years of adapting, camouflaging, and imitating in order to cope as well as possible from a young girl to eventually a (single) woman, mother, lover, and employee in an overwhelming society, she experiences health issues time and time again.

Burnouts and depressions follow one another rapidly. She experiences epileptic seizures, but is the epilepsy diagnosis accurate? “Once Upon A Broken Wing” is a book that many people can relate to, written in a smooth and engaging manner, covering a wide range of topics (relationships, motherhood, trauma, EMDR, and autism), and providing diverse experiences in healthcare.